Words about me

I've been immersed in photography since a very early age. As a child I mowed, painted and many other odd jobs to save enough money to get my first real camera. I love being a photographer. I learned the craft using film, a dark room, and a manual camera. Nothing can compare to standing in a dark room watching an image come to life in front of your eyes. Is it sharp? did I get the right moment? was my exposure correct? The anticipation of knowing whether or not you had all of the necessary elements for a great photograph was an exercise in delayed gratification and unfortunately often times, delayed dissapointment too. Even Polaroids weren't instant when you compare them to digital photography.

It's not uncommon to find a camera in my hands or within reach. I have spent much of the last 35 years of my life creating images of people, places and things. Photography is both my passion and my means of making a living. And, while I do a whole lot more than take pictures, photography is my life's passion.

This website is a glmpse into some images that have meaning to me. You'll see a lot of travel photos and shots of people or things that just happend to have caught my eye. Not necessarily art, but photographs I enjoyed making, reliving and now sharing.

A partial list of mentors and people I admire: My mother, father, and grandparents, Fred Joynes, my junior high band director (RIP) who demanded excellence, John Alhauser, retired IU Photojournalism Professor, who provided the occasional kick in the pants I needed to complete my degree, Alan Petersime, an accomplished photojournalist, who inspired me by the incredible example he set in photojournalism, Nick Vedros, a consummate commercial photographer and businessman, who encouraged me to pursue the career of my dreams, Dean Collins, a commercial photographer and educator (RIP), who taught photography like a physics class, and Karl Harte, a retired cabinet maker, who taught me how to be precise within a 32nd of an inch.